Minutes of Camporee Committee Meeting

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Greetings all,
Now that the Thanksgiving day coma is over –
Here are the meeting minutes from the Winter Camporee meeting:
John Wiebke
David Salima
Toby Hlade
Rick Aker
Brain Crow
Vince Hernly
Mark Pishon
Tim Kappes
Con Sullivan
Jeff Heck
My apologies if I failed to get you signed up on the signup attendance sheet.

Sign Up Process

The cost of this years Winter Camporee will be $30 per participant. With every 10 scouts signed up per troop, there is 1 adult that can attend for free. Please note that this Winter Camporee includes all meals as part of the camporee. A signup URL will be provided soon with a signup deadline. Payment is required via URL this year per Council.

Scoutmaster cookoff

Please get those dutch ovens or other ready. There will be an adult cookoff. Each participant must have fish as an ingredient. Please state what type fish you are using when submitting noting that the fish type is for edutainment only.

Sled race 

Yes, as in prior years there will be a sled race. Please bring wheels in the event of lack of snow. Approximate kick off for the sled race will be 4PM on Saturday.

WIllie Award 

There were some questions about the grading for the winter camporee. There will be a revised score card that will edit out the cooking related items in camps. Brian has graciously volunteered to edit that score card and we will release it for inspection. Also of discussion, it was noted that camp gadgets and gateway assembly could occur prior to the campout since the rules do not forbid bring them pre-assembled. Also, it was requested that troops receive better feedback concerning the cause of point deductions. This will be requested of the judges.

Camping at Redwing

In the event of snow coverage, it will not be obvious so please note that fire rings are located near the edge of each campsite. It was noted that this is of advantage since troops may greater utilize each site. This setup is apparently unique to Redwing.


The current patrol competitions are scheduled:
  1. T343 – Swimmin’ with the ice cubes – ice rescue
  2. T73 – Iceberg hop
  3. T358 – Give me shelter – Emergency shelter build
  4. T804 – From ice to fire – fire building
For the troops that have not posted a competition yet, please get them to me ASAP.


Current claims on campsites for this Antarctic freeze out:
   a) Bears Den –
   b) Butternut Hill – T358
   c) Cricket Hollow – T343
   d) Indian Jim – T73
   e) Lone Cherry
   f) Pheasant Nest
   g) Pines – T269
   h) Rabbit Run – T804
   i) Riverview
   j) Tepee Ridge – T35
Please get your troops desired campsite requests in. First come first served. We will ask troops to volunteer for doubling should we run out of campsites.
Note that the showers will be closed due to Winter and Kovel Cabin has been condemned.

Other notes

checkin will be 6-9PM on Friday – Please note that I will be planning on being there well in advance.
checkout will be roughly 11AM Sunday

Award for the 2017 Camporee Trifecta

The camporee committee is planning on providing an award for each participant that completes all 3 camporees in 2017


The patch for the camporee is almost complete. I have seen the draft and it is excellent. It depicts Willie in the foreground and Shackleton’s broken ship in the background. Thanks Mr. Crow for working with the artist. Once the final is prepared I will send out the jpeg with a prepared flier that troops can print out inviting scouts.
Rick Aker is feverishly prepping as well. Thanks Rick!

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Sunday January 8th – I will send out an email finalizing place and time.

Fall Camporee 2017

Date has been finalized as Oct 6-8 with expected location to be The Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
Curtis Shrote
2017 Winter Camporee Chair
Committee Chair, Troop 804