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District officers have received a myriad of complaints about’s online training system. Most are reporting that the scouter has taken an online module and not received credit for completing the module. The scouter then tries to complete the module again without an improved result.trained patch

Given that district is working hard to have 100% Trained adult leadership, this presents a major obstacle to that goal.

Some tips for dealing with these problems are

  1. Do not repeat a module. Preferably, take a screenshot of the end of the module. If it does not give you credit for completion, the screenshot will be accepted.
  2. If you cannot take a screenshot, keep a handwritten log of the modules giving you problems. Then move on to the next module. When you are done with training, send Jeff Heck an email of the problem modules. We can manually enter completion for for the entire course but not individual modules, so it is important you complete the training before telling us about problem modules. We are powerless to help you until course completion.
  3. Take in-person training. Most attendees report getting more value from the conversations than from the online modules. Remember you will get credit for training in rechartering for signing up and paying your course fees, if you send an email receipt of the course. This includes tonight’s classes, council training, and University of Scouting on January 14, 2017.

Remember recharter is now overdue, so we would really appreciate closing out these training issues as soon as possible.

If you have other questions, please contact District Commissioner Jeff Heck.