Rechartering Updates

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At this point, Council is now past its deadline to report all units to the Area 6 rechartering staff.

We need help in getting the last four (4) units completed immediately. All four units’ chairs will receive emails from me this morning on the outstanding issues. Please check in with your chair if you are concerned about your unit.

Thank you to the following units for completing their rechartering and have had their rechartering application approved by the Council Registrar:

  • Packs 35, 64, 171, 179, 358 (Delaware Tribe), and 514; and
  • Troops 35, 56, 73, 191, 269, 358, 514, and 804.

Thank you also to the following units for submitting their paperwork. Their applications for rechartering have been approved by the District Commissioner and District Executive, but await final approval from the Council Registrar. There are no known problems with these applications as of this writing:

  • Packs 18, 105, 175, 180 (formerly known as P98), Pack 358 (all other tribes, except newest one), 586, 625, and 830;
  • Troops 18, 69, 174, 343, 586; and
  • Crews 69 and 408.

These lists do not apply to Pack 358-5 or Troop 512 since their charters did not expire on December 31, 2016.

Of the remaining 4 units, all have turned in their Applications for Recharter and substantial dues payments. Most remaining issues are short falls in dues of less than $20, YPT certificates, or missing Adult Applications.