Status of the District

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As of this writing, we have had thirty-one (31) submit their Journey to Excellence reports. Of those units, the statistics are as follows:

  • Gold (meaning top 90 percentile nationally): 27
  • Silver (between top 50 and 90 percentile nationally): 1
  • Bronze (between top 20 and 50 percentile nationally): 2

Congratulations to our JTE awarded units!

We will report on the units who earned these awards at the District Committee Meeting tomorrow night.

That means that the North Star District is looking very good for District-wide gold, too. As of the End of November 2016 report, we have 2,450 points out of 3,000 possible. Of the 16 subcategories, we are Gold level in 10 subcategories, silver in 5 subcategories, and bronze in one (i.e., fundraising). Come to the District Committee Meeting tomorrow to find out more details.

Assuming no surprises in the Year End “Finish Line” Report, we should be gold for the second year in a row.

So what does that mean relative to other districts, we are ahead of Del-Mi and Pathfinder (and probably all others).

Congratulations to North Star District.