Internet Rechartering Emails

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District Executive Con Sullivan has emailed me that all units should have received their emails inviting their unit chair, unit leader, and Chartered Org Rep to the rechartering system. If the unit chair has informed Con about who will be the rechartering specialist, that person received an email, too.

Officially, the internet recharter system goes live on October 1, 2017.

Right now, the unit chair should be reviewing his internal records to have a clean list of scouts and scouters in his unit. This will be a very useful tool when the system goes live. The scouters on that list should have their YPT expiring after March 1, 2018, otherwise the recharter system will prevent the entire unit from rechartering. No open YPT issues are allowed by National Council this year. YPT must be finalized before the roster can be finalized.

The introductory email includes your access code and recharter turn-in date and time.

Remember no login names or passwords from last year work. You must log in as a first time user again.

I recommend setting a password that is NOT personal to you. That way if you have to share it with other leaders, it creates no problems.

Watch Rechartering Updates 2017 for updates as they are available.

Contact your unit commissioner with any questions.