Sea Base Lottery Open

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This is the time of year that Sea Base has its lottery open for 2019 adventures. Please look at Sea Base for the opportunities available. (Philmont and Northern Tiers lotteries are closed.) Its deadlines for submitting a contingent close in February. Each base operates their own individual lotteries, so check in their sites for more information.

This is also a good time to look at individual opportunities for adult education at Philmont and Sea Base, for the next 12 months and individual treks for youth, like the Philmont Rayado, Sea Base Scout Connections for individuals looking to join groups, and Northern Tier individual offerings.

All of these bases offer special trips for Order of the Arrow members, too! They are often cheaper and longer in exchange for some time spent in happy service to the camp or its surroundings.

If your troop or crew cannot put together a contingent, please contact Jeff Heck about working on a district-wide contingent.