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Friends of Scouting 2020

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Units, please fill out the 2020 Friends of Scouting Form.
Thank you for taking the initiative to schedule your unit’s 2020 Family FOS presentation. The financial support of Scouting families help the Crossroads of America Council continue to offer the Scouting services that you have come to expect in Central Indiana. Local Scouting is operated based upon the generous support of families in your unit and corporate gifts. Please complete the following form completely to ensure that we accurately record your unit’s presentation on our calendar. This action will help to ensure that we are prepared to conduct your unit’s Family Friends of Scouting presentation on the date that you selected. The one Scout level for Crossroads of America Council’s 2020 Friends of Scouting Campaign is set at $225. The council actually spends $287 per Scout for a year of programing. Every few years, the per Scout level will increase to reflect changes in costs of Scouting, but it does not increase every year. The most recent increase occurred between 2018-2019. Prior to this last year’s


Spencer Young  |  North Star District Executive 

Crossroads of America Council #160


Friends of Scouting 2018- November 2017-June 2018

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Did you know that 20% of the council budget comes from a fundraiser called Friends of Scouting?  It costs $175 to send one Scout through our program for one year at an organization level.  Our council supports 12 districts across 26 counties, providing scouting to over 34,000 Scouts.

Friends of Scouting is an important direct support campaign that helps fund our council’s camp properties, camp assistance, registration assistance, uniform assistance and more.  Pledges can be paid in lump sums, or on a quarterly or monthly basis.  Has your unit held a Friends of Scouting presentation to show your support?

What: Friends of Scouting

Where: Presentations scheduled on a unit to unit basis

When: November 2017- June 2018

How to Pledge: At your presentation, by calling Jessica Hofman at 317-813-7123, or emailing


Congratulations to the following units who have exceeded their Friends of Scouting goals for 2018 and are recognized for their efforts with free rank advancements for the next year!

Pack 18, Troop 18, Troop 56, Troop 514

Friends of Scouting Presentations

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Remember with your Cub Scout Packs’ Blue and Gold Banquets and Scout Troops’ Courts of Honor, we try to have a presenter from outside the unit make a pitch for annual fundraiser the Friends of Scouting.

Now is a good time to make sure that you have a presenter lined up. If you do not, contact our district coordinator or Jessica Hofman.

Earlier scheduling allows the smoothest planning. Your help is greatly appeciated.

Governor’s Luncheon December 18th

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The 22nd Annual Governor’s Luncheon is Monday, December 18, 2017 from noon to 1:30 pm at the downtown JW Marriott Hotel.

The Governor’s Luncheon serves as the kickoff for our 2018 Friends of Scouting Campaign. Governor's Luncheon 2016

For many of our units, fundraising to support scouting is not an easy task. The leaders do not do sales for a living or uncomfortable asking for money.

The Governor’s Luncheon is an easy way for each unit to participate in fundraising. Think of all the people who support or send well-wishes to your unit. Send them an invitation to attend the Governor’s Luncheon with you.

Historically, the luncheon has been an extremely impressive event.

If you are sure that someone has already been invited and you don’t want to trouble them, submit their name at this website. They will get you a response as to whether that prospect has already been invited. If they have not, you can ask guilt-free.

When the donations are made, people you invite from your unit can designate that your unit be credited for that donation. That way you won’t ask the same person twice at the next Court of Honor or Blue & Gold Banquet.

For more answers, contact District Executive Jessica Hofman.

Help us make 2018 the best year for Friends of Scouting ever!

District’s Friends of Scouting Report

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North Star District is ahead of last year’s donations to the Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign! In 2016, District fell just short of meeting its goal. With the District ahead of last year, we have a great chance of meeting the goal.

Through much work, we have made sure that the District was set the same as last year to avoid an arbitrary target. As a result of this, your District Key 3 are hopeful that the District will beat this year’s target.

We still have many units that have not held their Friends of Scouting presentation. All but three units have scheduled their presentations with District Executive Con Sullivan.

So if you are the unit chair and you do not know when your presentation is scheudled, contact Con to make sure all is in order.

The sooner we meet this goal, the sooner Con’s time will be able to focus on other tasks in supporting your unit.

Remember this program is designed for the District to pay for its own costs of operations at Council, so your gifts help support our units.

Friends of Scouting Kickoff

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District Kick Off for Friends of Scouting will be held on Thursday, December 10, 2015 at St. Paul’s Episcopal church beginning at 7:00 P.M. The church is located at 6050 North Meridian Street. Any questions, please contact Sandy Walters at

The kickoff will describe the purpose and system of the Friends of Scouting, describe the unit’s role in the FOS Campaign, instruct FOS presenting volunteers on how to deliver the FOS message to a unit, and describe how a unit’s contribution goal is determined. Finally, the kickoff will schedule presenters to deliver the message to individual units.

If you are interested in serving as an FOS presenter, please contact Sandy Walters and plan to attend the kickoff.

A draft agenda is available here.

North Star FOS Phone-a-thon

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We are holding a phone-a-thon on Tuesday, June 9th from 6pm-8pm to finish contacting some 300 donors who have not submitted their 2015 FOS donation. The cards represent approximately $29,000 in unworked pledges. Our goal is to try and collect $10,000 more towards our 2015 goal. If we are successful, we will be at our goal!

We are holding the phone-a-thon at the scout office. I know this is short notice, but, I need to hear from you by this Thursday’s roundtable if you can help us out. If you can not attend on the 9th, would you be willing to make calls on your own if we supply the contacts?

Please help us restore North Star’s image as a great district. Remember that money we raise goes to supporting programs for our young scouts.


District Chair

317 283-4285