Friends of Scouting 2020

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Units, please fill out the 2020 Friends of Scouting Form.
Thank you for taking the initiative to schedule your unit’s 2020 Family FOS presentation. The financial support of Scouting families help the Crossroads of America Council continue to offer the Scouting services that you have come to expect in Central Indiana. Local Scouting is operated based upon the generous support of families in your unit and corporate gifts. Please complete the following form completely to ensure that we accurately record your unit’s presentation on our calendar. This action will help to ensure that we are prepared to conduct your unit’s Family Friends of Scouting presentation on the date that you selected. The one Scout level for Crossroads of America Council’s 2020 Friends of Scouting Campaign is set at $225. The council actually spends $287 per Scout for a year of programing. Every few years, the per Scout level will increase to reflect changes in costs of Scouting, but it does not increase every year. The most recent increase occurred between 2018-2019. Prior to this last year’s


Spencer Young  |  North Star District Executive 

Crossroads of America Council #160


2018 POPCORN Sales are on!

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In person popcorn sales began on August 25!

Thanks to all of you who participated in OPERATION POPCORN PICKUP as well as the Popcorn festival these past couple of weekends.  Looking forward to a great popcorn Popcorn Logo TRAILS ENDselling season.

Key sales dates:

September 10 September Orders Due on the Popcorn System at
September 20 & 21 September Order Product Distribution by Unit
October 23 Final day for Product Returns
October 28 Final Popcorn Orders and Prize Order due at
October 28 Last day to complete Unit-to-Unit Transfers–form on
November 15 -16 Final Order Product distribution by Unit
November 30 Final Payments due to CAC Offices



SEE the Trail’s End Council page for more product pickup, returns, and cash & carry dates and locations:  Trail’s End CAC 

Tutorial on using the Trail’s End Phone App can be found here:  Tutorial

Please keep in mind the situation with Kroger:  Article here



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Calling All Unit Popcorn Kernels!

The name of the your mission is OPERATION POPCORN PICKUP.


Date:  Friday, August 24

Time:  A time slot to be determined between 12noon and 5pm

Place:  North Star District Popcorn Warehouse:  IDS (Integrated Distribution Services), 9431 All Points Parkway, Plainfield, IN 46168

Uncle Sam

Your mission (should you choose to accept) is to help DRIVE to the NS POPCORN WAREHOUSE (IDS), ANNOUNCE YOUR NAME & UNIT (Crew, Pack, or Troop) & PICKUP THE POPCORN THAT YOU HAVE ORDERED!!  Should you successfully complete your mission, you will get to take your popcorn with you and raise ALL the funds you could EVER NEED (and want) for your IDEAL YEAR OF SCOUTING!!!.

*** If you have not already done so please pick a time at the SignUp Genius Link: ***


Please contact our NS District Popcorn Kernel, Kimberly Gorham at for more information.




2018 Popcorn Update and Kernel Intro!

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North Star Volunteers, lend me your ear… Walking Popcorn
Get it??!  I know it’s “corny” but I couldn’t resist!
I am Kimberly GorhamYOUR North Star District Popcorn Kernel!  I’m mother of one son, Alexander Gorham, who is a member of Pack 179 (Crooked Creek) where I am also a WEBELOS AOL Den Leader.
It was great to see all of your faces at the District Popcorn Training in Zionsville’s Town Hall learning about the new app coming out this year and how-to boost your sales!  So keep an eye out for an email announcing it’s release soon!
Two more things: 
1) See the other article I posted this week about the upcoming Popcorn Festival! 
2) Later this month, I will be sending out a Sign-Up Genius email re: OPERATION POPCORN PICKUP so be on the lookout for that too!
It’s a great day to think about Popcorn!!
Yours in Scouting,
Kimberly Gorham
NS District Popcorn Kernel

2018 Scout Popcorn Festival!

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What’s Popping??  Glad you asked!  Join us at the 2018 SCOUT POPCORN FESTIVAL!!!**
There will be 5 Stations to visit (BEFORE you hit the pool):2018 Scout Popcorn Festival Flyer
1) Popcorn Tasting 
2) Prizes (to include the GIFT CARD where you can buy what YOU want)
3)  Online Sales (Can register onsite for a Trail’s End account using a computer workstation)
4) Sales Training (Watch a COOL video!)
5) Top Seller Incentives (Info on private LEGO MOVIE screening, customized Van’s shoes, Kentucky Kingdom & MORE!)
**BOY SCOUTS: Think this is for younger scouts?  Think again!  We would LOVE to have you help us by volunteering and getting SERVICE HOURS in return!  
**PARENTS: Make sure you bring your Scout-appropriate swim attire so you can go swimming too in our OPEN POOL!!!!!
Popcorn Festival Sign-up Link:   2018 Scout Popcorn Festival RSVP
Click here for the flyer:  2018 Scout Popcorn Festival Flyer
Yours in Scouting,
Kimberly Gorham
NS District Popcorn Kernel

Kroger Popcorn Storefronts Update – Urgent

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This update comes from Crossroads BSA, email 6-Aug-2018:

We just received a phone call from Kroger headquarters and have some important news to share with all popcorn selling units. First and foremost, we value our relationship with Kroger – especially our Scouting for Food partnership – and we appreciate what they do for our community and Scout families! To clarify a couple of details and things that were mentioned on the call, we are following up with Kroger, but here are some things that you should be aware of now:

  • Excluding Kroger, continue to book your own storefronts to ensure you hit your sales goal. This ONLY applies to Kroger. Look at some new and different stores that you have not sold at in the past, think outside the box, and let us know how we can help.
  • Please do not contact Kroger (local stores or corporate) moving forward about selling in front of their stores. Kroger has instructed Council leadership to work directly with Kroger stores managers and coordinate all storefront shift with the units.
  • We know that we will be booking and coordinating with units all Kroger selling shifts from Sept 17 – Oct 21. More information coming soon on how this process will work.
  • If you have booked shifts with Kroger, hold tight and don’t do anything right now – don’t reach out to Kroger and don’t cancel the shifts. We are hoping you can keep everything you have already booked. We will be in touch soon.
  • We are getting clarification on the Kroger “Race for Riley” fundraiser and how this impacts our sale before Sept 17.

Stay tuned for more information and a link on how your unit will sign up for Kroger store front sale through the council.

2018 Popcorn Sales around the corner!

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As you are working with your Units to determine your popcorn sale commitment this month, keep in mind:

– Online sales begin August 1

– Unit sales plans and initial sales orders will be due in August

– Unit popcorn kickoff parties are to be completed by the first week in September

This year the Council will be holding the first annual Golden Eagle Neighborhood Popcorn Blitz on Saturday, September 22.  Unit members can work together in one or both shifts (9:30-11 or 1-3) and will be assigned a neighborhood in which to work door to door.  The Council will provide popcorn to be used in the sale, and all sales will be credited back to the Scouts and Units.  Prizes will be awarded to the highest-selling Scout and Unit during the blitz.  For more details and to Register for the event see the Council website listing linked in the event title above.

For a little inspiration you might want to check out the following article:  How four Scouts sold a combined $250k in Popcorn (Scouting Wire magazine).

Good luck to all on a successful Popcorn selling season!!

Scout Popcorn Festival – August 26, 2018

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On behalf of North Star District Executive Jessica Hofman:

Hey Cubs!

Most of you have heard me talk about the Scout Popcorn Festival coming in August.  This is the second year in a row for this event, and if you ask others that have gone… it’s pretty awesome!!!  Some experiences at the festival below:

  • National Guard inflatable obstacle course
  • Popcorn taste testing station
  • BMX show (last year’s event, we’re looking into something equally as cool this year)
  • Prize showing station
  • Face painting
  • Popcorn sales pitch training
  • And more!

When:  August 26, 2018   1 – 4pm

Where:  Camp Belzer, 6102 Boy Scout Road, Lawrence IN 

This event is free and an open house environment.  There are a few benefits to you adding this to your calendar for the late Summer/ early Fall:

  • This event qualifies as an August event for your Summertime Pack Award
  • This event qualifies for “Scout Training” which is one of the patches that a youth can earn in the patch set this year
  • It gets new and old Scouts excited about selling popcorn… which in turn leads to larger sales and more money for you all to put on AMAZING programming.

Sign up HERE .


Be sure to RSVP as soon as possible please – even if you are tentative on how many will be in your group!  This type of event take A LOT of work on the front end and I want to make sure there’s enough time and effort put into this event for all of our Scouts to attend.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Jessica Hofman

Friends of Scouting 2018- November 2017-June 2018

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Did you know that 20% of the council budget comes from a fundraiser called Friends of Scouting?  It costs $175 to send one Scout through our program for one year at an organization level.  Our council supports 12 districts across 26 counties, providing scouting to over 34,000 Scouts.

Friends of Scouting is an important direct support campaign that helps fund our council’s camp properties, camp assistance, registration assistance, uniform assistance and more.  Pledges can be paid in lump sums, or on a quarterly or monthly basis.  Has your unit held a Friends of Scouting presentation to show your support?

What: Friends of Scouting

Where: Presentations scheduled on a unit to unit basis

When: November 2017- June 2018

How to Pledge: At your presentation, by calling Jessica Hofman at 317-813-7123, or emailing


Congratulations to the following units who have exceeded their Friends of Scouting goals for 2018 and are recognized for their efforts with free rank advancements for the next year!

Pack 18, Troop 18, Troop 56, Troop 514