Scout Popcorn Festival – August 26, 2018

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On behalf of North Star District Executive Jessica Hofman:

Hey Cubs!

Most of you have heard me talk about the Scout Popcorn Festival coming in August.  This is the second year in a row for this event, and if you ask others that have gone… it’s pretty awesome!!!  Some experiences at the festival below:

  • National Guard inflatable obstacle course
  • Popcorn taste testing station
  • BMX show (last year’s event, we’re looking into something equally as cool this year)
  • Prize showing station
  • Face painting
  • Popcorn sales pitch training
  • And more!

When:  August 26, 2018   1 – 4pm

Where:  Camp Belzer, 6102 Boy Scout Road, Lawrence IN 

This event is free and an open house environment.  There are a few benefits to you adding this to your calendar for the late Summer/ early Fall:

  • This event qualifies as an August event for your Summertime Pack Award
  • This event qualifies for “Scout Training” which is one of the patches that a youth can earn in the patch set this year
  • It gets new and old Scouts excited about selling popcorn… which in turn leads to larger sales and more money for you all to put on AMAZING programming.

Sign up HERE .


Be sure to RSVP as soon as possible please – even if you are tentative on how many will be in your group!  This type of event take A LOT of work on the front end and I want to make sure there’s enough time and effort put into this event for all of our Scouts to attend.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Jessica Hofman


Friends of Scouting 2018- November 2017-June 2018

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Did you know that 20% of the council budget comes from a fundraiser called Friends of Scouting?  It costs $175 to send one Scout through our program for one year at an organization level.  Our council supports 12 districts across 26 counties, providing scouting to over 34,000 Scouts.

Friends of Scouting is an important direct support campaign that helps fund our council’s camp properties, camp assistance, registration assistance, uniform assistance and more.  Pledges can be paid in lump sums, or on a quarterly or monthly basis.  Has your unit held a Friends of Scouting presentation to show your support?

What: Friends of Scouting

Where: Presentations scheduled on a unit to unit basis

When: November 2017- June 2018

How to Pledge: At your presentation, by calling Jessica Hofman at 317-813-7123, or emailing


Congratulations to the following units who have exceeded their Friends of Scouting goals for 2018 and are recognized for their efforts with free rank advancements for the next year!

Pack 18, Troop 18, Troop 56, Troop 514

Camp Card Orders Due Fri. 2/9/18

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Camp Card sales season is here! Orders are due this week!

Cards are sold for $10 each with the scout receiving $5 from each card sold going in their scout account that can be used to pay for Camp Ransburg, the HALO trip, or any Scouting or Exploring purpose — to purchase equipment such as tents and backpacks, uniform, handbooks, membership fees, event fees, etc.

There are 14 multi-use offers on the card, 3 multi-use keyring tags, and 3 one-time use offers. Most discounts will expire 3/1/2019.

What merchants are on the 2018 discount card?

  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Sports Clips
  • The Escape Room
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Discount Tire
  • McAlister’s Deli
  • Jack in the Box
  • Hardee’s
  • White Castle
  • Which Wich
  • Stacked Pickle
  • Tuchman Cleaners
  • DICK’S Sporting Goods
  • Rally’s
  • Smoothie King
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Prime Car Wash

*more may be added*

Important Dates: March 1-April 13: Sale dates

More information at the Council website.

Please contact Jessica Hofman if you have questions.

Friends of Scouting Presentations

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Remember with your Cub Scout Packs’ Blue and Gold Banquets and Scout Troops’ Courts of Honor, we try to have a presenter from outside the unit make a pitch for annual fundraiser the Friends of Scouting.

Now is a good time to make sure that you have a presenter lined up. If you do not, contact our district coordinator or Jessica Hofman.

Earlier scheduling allows the smoothest planning. Your help is greatly appeciated.

Camp Cards are Coming

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From Council:

New for 2018:
18+ merchants on card (versus 8 merchants)
14 repeat-use offers on the back of the card, 3 repeat-use keyring tags, and 3 one-time use offers
Retail price will be $10 per card (versus $5 per card)
Units earn $5/card sold (versus $2.50 per card) *Commission is still 50%!
Extended discount offer expiration dates (most offers will expire 3/1/2019)

What merchants will be on the 2018 discount card?

Papa John’s Pizza Sports Clips
The Escape Room Jiffy Lube
Discount Tire McAlister’s Deli
Jack in the Box Hardee’s
White Castle Which Wich
Stacked Pickle Tuchman Cleaners
DICK’S Sporting Goods Rally’s
Smoothie King Dunkin’ Donuts
Prime Car Wash

*Additional merchants may be added

Important Dates:
March 1-April 13: Sale dates

Please tell me by Friday, February 2nd how many Camp Cards your Scout would like to sell.
Unfortunately, we are limited to 750 cards for our initial order.

Thank you!
Samantha Weinbrecht
Camp Card Coordinator

More information is available on the Council website.

I believe that we have the same Camp Card Coordinator as the last several years, but I still need to verify. More information to follow.

Governor’s Luncheon December 18th

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The 22nd Annual Governor’s Luncheon is Monday, December 18, 2017 from noon to 1:30 pm at the downtown JW Marriott Hotel.

The Governor’s Luncheon serves as the kickoff for our 2018 Friends of Scouting Campaign. Governor's Luncheon 2016

For many of our units, fundraising to support scouting is not an easy task. The leaders do not do sales for a living or uncomfortable asking for money.

The Governor’s Luncheon is an easy way for each unit to participate in fundraising. Think of all the people who support or send well-wishes to your unit. Send them an invitation to attend the Governor’s Luncheon with you.

Historically, the luncheon has been an extremely impressive event.

If you are sure that someone has already been invited and you don’t want to trouble them, submit their name at this website. They will get you a response as to whether that prospect has already been invited. If they have not, you can ask guilt-free.

When the donations are made, people you invite from your unit can designate that your unit be credited for that donation. That way you won’t ask the same person twice at the next Court of Honor or Blue & Gold Banquet.

For more answers, contact District Executive Jessica Hofman.

Help us make 2018 the best year for Friends of Scouting ever!

Hurricane Maria: An update on BSA members in Puerto Rico. Ways you can help.

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Bryan on Scouting has just posted this article on how to help after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

To my view, the most important part of this article is that the councils and units affected have been slow to report their needs. This creates a risk of their needs being forgotten or overlooked by the rest of the BSA.

This slow response to state needs makes a lot of sense. First, the BSA is built on a diffused organizational system. National Council needs information from local councils. Local councils need information from districts. Districts need information from units. Units need information from unit leaders. Unit leaders are busy caring for their families, work or businesses, and places of worship.

Now the information trickle is beginning. The BSA has created several central clearinghouses of information. Units can make direct appeals for help. The BSA has created a central fundraising website. Now we know where to look for what is needed.

So the next question seems to be, “What can our unit do?”

What you can do is still limited by BSA regulations. Let’s take a quick look so that these are all fresh in mind.

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Popcorn: put it on your calendar

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The Popcorn Festival is the start to the new fundraising year. Here is a fun infographic of some of the basic information.

Scout Popcorn Festival Aug. 13

For ease of adding this information to your e-calendar, I repeat the key information here. Sunday, August 13, 2017, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, at Camp Belzer, 6102 Boy Scout Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46226. More information at here..

Here is a copy of the graphic as a flyer to print or send

Looking for Fundraising Ideas? Follow 343’s story

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Brian Crow of Troop 343 announced that the Troop is raising funds through Crew Car Wash sales.

Visit this special link. Buy a few car washes to support Troop 343. Find out how the program works from the customer side, then contact Crew Car Wash or other local vendors to find new and creative ways to raise money for your unit.

Troop 358 Fundraiser

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From Troop 358 Fundraising Chair Mark Pishon:

2017 Troop 358 Hog Roast

Saturday, May 6, 2017 4 to 8 pm
St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church
1870 W. Oak Street,Zionsville, IN 46077

Tickets For SaleHog Raost 2017


Come celebrate with Zionsville’s Troop 358 as the boys put on their 5th Annual Hog Roast.
The goal is to off-set Costs for Summer Camp and our High Adventure Programs.
Family Ticket Feeds Six (6).
The menu is our signature pork with a choice of two sauces, Carolina Sauce (apple cider vinegar base), or Tomato based. Meal includes rolls, Mac-n-cheese, home made signature potato salad, green beans, and baked beans.
We will also be serving hot dogs and hamburgers.
Desserts will be of a bake sale type format.
Drinks such as lemonade, coffee and water will be provided.

If you have a unit fundraiser that you would like to promote, please let us know! We will post your information, too.