Philmont Contingent June 2016 Vacancies

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While it is late in the Spring Semester to make big summer plans, I wanted to let you know about a big opportunity.
Del-Mi’s Troop 120 has a troop contingent going to Philmont and following Trek #16,  departing Indianapolis on June 12th and returning June 26th. The contingent will travel primarily by AmTrak train to New Mexico. Philmont “tuition” is $870. Train fare is separate and based on the cost on the date of booking, which would be at least $269 as of today (more added-cost options are available). Total estimated cost is $1140.Philmont logo
Camp scholarships for Philmont “tuition” are available in principle (some roadblocks to camperships are likely due to the late phase of planning this trek is insee pg. 9, but we can find a way in most situations). In all circumstances, a scout must cover transportation cost out of pocket.
In other words, a scout could have the trip of a lifetime for $270. (Some logistical planning would be necessary to make the campership work.)
According to the Philmont website, the minimal requirements for participation are:
  • Philmont trek and cavalcade participants must be 14 years of age OR completed 8th Grade and be at least 13 years of age prior to participation.
  • Participants must have a valid BSA Health Record with all parts, A, B, and C. Especially important is the Body Mass Index compliance.
Three members of North Star District’s Troop 56 have expressed interest in participating in the contingent. This would leave two (2) remaining vacancies in the contingent. We will compile a wait list, so put your name in if there is any interest! Please email Jeff Heck immediately if any scout, scouter, or scout/parent combo would be interested in participating.
Troop 120 already has several adults committed. While additional adults are welcome, as I understand it, adults are not necessary to make the required safety-ratios.
North Star scouts who have aged out are welcome. We will just have to make sure we find a BSA registration status for them (many to choose from, so not a major problem).
I hope we can send some more North Star scouts to Philmont this summer!

Philmont opening

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Greg Hoyes from our Troop 804 has forwarded this message from an Iron Horse District Troop:

Scout leaders on Philmont waiting list:

My troop was selected for a Philmont trek in 2016, expedition # 626A.   The date is June 26th to July 8th , leaving Indy on 6/25 & returning 7/8.    We are a small troop, 40 miles southeast of Indy in the Iron Horse District.  The troops in Iron Horse have not filled up my crew and I currently have three spots open for scouts aged 14-20.    I requested a waiting list from Philmont for the Crossroads of America council and your names were provided.   We are planning on flying into Albuquerque and are having Blue Sky adventures provide ground transportation, meals and hotel with some sightseeing in Albuquerque, where we will spend one night to help get acclimated to the altitude.   Total estimated cost of the trek, including transportation is $1775.00 ,  (Philmont: $870;  Ground package: $465; Airfare (estimated at $440.)   This will be my 5th trip to Philmont, so I am familiar with the Philmont adventure.

Contact me if any scouts in your troops are wanting to go to Philmont in 2016 and might be interested.  I will be happy to provide any additional info and will sign anyone up on a first come, first serve basis.   I can add scouts up February 22nd, as the final Philmont payment must be received by March 1.

Thanks for considering.


John Bitner
Scoutmaster, BSA Troop 28
Iron Horse District
Arlington, IN   46104

 Cell: (765) 561-4182