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Spring Camporee Planning Report

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Here are minutes from the last Spring Camporee planning meeting from Spring Camporee Chair Mark Pishon of Troop 358.


Mark’s Power Point presentation

Camporee Banner

Due to the firearms involved with this camporee and the Guide to Safe Scouting prohibitions on Cub Scout and Webelos firing these weapons, this is a very bad camporee to invite them. District is highly discouraging Cub Scouts’ or Webelos’ attendance. They would see guns and want to participate. It would be mean to tantalize them and not allow them to participate.

Winter Camporee: 16 Days and Counting to Ice Island

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From Winter Camporee Chair Curtis Shrote (Chair, Troop 804):

The last camporee meeting will be this coming Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 6:00 pm in St Lukes UMC’s Luke’s Lodge Lounge (Fireplace Room).
Prior to Christmas, I visited Camp Redwing to review with the ranger what he needed us to be aware. We will be covering those concerns and other final items. I will be sending preliminary handouts Friday night or early Saturday morning that I would like the committee to review. Please come prepared with your copies and notes.
Also, in order to ensure that the cooking team has adequate and fair warning of attendance counts, I am asking all troops to have final registrations in via the link by Close of Business (5PM) Friday, January 13, 2017, so that we can relay that information.
patch_winter_2017This information plus additional information will be sent later in the week.

Pack 105 Bear Den 2 Service

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Here is a report from John Salewicz:

One of the new adventures in the Cub Scout program is to do community service.

The Den 2 Bears in Pack 105 did a E-Cycle Drive. We set-up a collection drive of unwanted, broken electronics and took them to a recycle center. Prior to the collection, the boys learn about why these items should not be put into landfills and types of material are in electrons. We disassembled a flat screen television to see what is used to make something that we spend a large chunk of our time.

During the e-cycle drive we collected all sorts of old computers, printers, ipods, stereos, phones and TV’s. The large tube TV’s were taken to St Luke’s Church and donated so that they can be fixed if needed and given to families who are less fortunate. I am very proud of these boys, their parents and our community for coming out and supporting the environment and Scouts. Wahoo!


Congratulations to our New District Chair

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On Thursday, December 17, 2015, North Star District Nominating Committee, chaired by Scott Claybaugh, presented its slate of proposed district officers for the 2016 calendar year. The slate was passed unanimously. The slate was ratified by the Council’s Executive Board, too, at its December meeting.

Topping that list was John Wiebke (web’-key), as District Chair.

Congratulations to John on his elections. Thank you to him and his family for his service in 2016.

John is a life-long scouter with many unique positions on his scouting resume.

For this biography I am relying on my own memory, so please forgive any errors.

John was an Eagle Scout, whose troop regularly did summer camp at Scouts Canada’s Halliburton Scout Reserve in Ontario Province, part of the Greater Toronto Council. This led him to serving on staff at Philmont for two seasons. He followed this with two seasons on staff at the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg, Switzerland.

As John tells the story, he went to Switzerland with a back pack and a uniform. He returned home 13 years later with a wife, two kids, and a dog.

John met his future wife on his trip to Switzerland. She is Swedish by birth. Consequently, when they married, John moved to Sweden.

John remained active in scouting in Sweden. In fact, John earned his Wood Badge from the Swedish Scouting Association, where he was in the Tern Patrol. John explains that the patrols were all named for Swedish sea birds.

After returning to the states with his family, John went on to serve in various scouting positions,

John in his Swedish scout uniform, teaching at Fall 2015 Wood Badge.
John in his Swedish scout uniform, teaching at Fall 2015 Wood Badge.

including a three-year stint as scoutmaster of Troop 358 at Zionsville’s St. Alphonsius Roman Catholic Church. (He introduced Troop 358 to Halliburton Scout Reserve, which has become a biannual tradition for the troop.) He has served the past year or so as the Scout Roundtable Commissioner. For Wood Badge Course #C6-160-15-2, he served admirably on staff. As a result the Wood Badge song had an added verse for his Tern Patrol.

Most importantly, John has passed his passion on to his sons. His son Jesper passed his Eagle Board of Review on December 9, 2015! Congratulations to Jesper, his family, and his proud papa, our new District Chair John Wiebke.

In his professional life, John is the Controller at Baker Hill, formerly of Experian.

A Cub Scout is Helpful

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HPack 105 trail maintenance 3ere is an article submitted by John Salewicz, Ass’t Cubmaster and Bear Den Leader of Pack 105, Den 2 (Thank you!)

During Zionsville Pack 105 Fall Camporee at Spring Mill State Park, our Cub Scouts completed a service project.   We worked with the Park’s Property Manager to determine their needs.We decided on a trail rehab project. Pack 105 Trail maintenance in action 2

They had been very short-handed this year and have not had the time nor the manpower to do the work.  During the spring and early summer months they experienced very heavy rains that washed out part of a trail they call “The Stagecoach Trail”.

This trail is a historically significant part of the area.   During the settlement era, it was the life-line to the mill.  The trail was was the only way in or out of the village.  It was used to move goods from the village. The village supplied a growing nation with corn meal and lumber. After the park opened, this trail served as the main entrance to the park until the 1960’s.

This project required us to move a tri-axle of gravel down the trail — bucket brigade style — to fill in the numerous washed out areas. This was quite the accomplishment for these Cub Scouts and Webelos.  The trail has a very steep grade
and took a lot of effort!   We were able to complete this project  in an 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Hikers will benefit from this hard work for years to come.

This is a great example for future story ideas. Keep them coming.

Hard at work!
Hard at work!

Pack 105 celebrating their successful service project.
Pack 105 celebrating their successful service project.

Photos from Mike Stalcup’s Funeral

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Monday the Crossroads of America Council came together to grieve the loss of one of its mainstays Mike Stalcup.

For those that could not make the funeral, here are some pictures of the history of scouting in our council that Mike participated in. If you know names of people in the pictures, please put them in the comment section.