District Rocket Launch this Saturday, September 12th

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Sharla Merrick, our Cub Roundtable Commissioner, led a discussion last Thursday about this Saturday’s District Rocket Launch. Here is what she reports from that conversation:

WHERE: Camp Belzer, 6102 N Boy Scout Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46226.
TIME: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Open House. Come when you can.)
We need personnel to man the following activities for the whole time or shifts (contact Jeff Heck):
  1. Firecrafter: fire demo,Adventure
  2. Troops: cooking,
  3. Provided: Archery and BB gun shooting.
This event is a Pack event. This means that the Pack must either provide 2-deep leadership for the boys unaccompanied by parents or that a parent must accompany the Cub Scout. Put simply neither Council or District is set up to handle unaccompanied Cub Scouts.
Watch this blog post for updates.