Popcorn pickup Friday, Sept 18

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Remember, this Friday, popcorn will be available for pick up and use in show-and-sale.

We are ending the second week of the “Popcorn Take Order Sales Blitz”! Encourage your Scouts to try to make the $350 goal in the next few days to earn the iTunes gift card. Remind your parents that they must submit a copy of their Scout’s sales sheet by 5pm on 9/21/15. See the following link for more details.Popcorn 2015 logo


Your unit will receive their initial popcorn order this Friday. Your popcorn Kernel should have the pickup time and location. Moving popcorn is heavy, hard work, offer to help your Kernel with the order! Store front sales start on Saturday 9/19. Keep up the good work, walk your neighborhood with your Scout, the weather has been great for door to door popcorn sales!