Changes in District Rechartering

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Over the past several years, Rechartering has been confused and chaotic in our District.

This year the District Commissioner is working to avoid this problem. The plan is wholly different than what North Star has done in the past. It requires charters to be prepared and turned in on specific dates on October 8th, 14th, and 15th. Each unit is scheduled for a specific date, time, and location for charter turn-in.

Many details about the process and expectations are listed on the district webpage for rechartering. Please make sure that your Committee Chair reviews this page as soon as possible, so that your unit is ready on time for its rechartering turn-in date.

There are several known issues with this plan. Your help in preparing for the changes will help resolve these issues. We will just highlight some of those issues now, and post more details about the issues later, as circumstances require.

  1. Funds to pay for rechartering. Some units rely entirely on popcorn sales proceeds to pay for rechartering. The rechartering turn-in dates are long before the proceeds will be available. At the turn-in the unit will be asked to deliver a check, schedule a date for a Scout Shop Account debit, or schedule a date when dues will be paid. This makes the process of rechartering simpler by only holding rechartering for dues payment.
  2. Youth Protection Training Expiration Dates. Many of our units only push to have their scouters update their Youth Protection Training just in time for rechartering. As noted in a recent blog post, the District’s goal is to have all YPT renewals done before October 1st. This means that this year and this year alone, a strong push to have our scouters renew early will make this process easier this year and in the coming years, too.
  3. Missing Adult Leader Training. Our district has a very poor training rate, as has been pointed out before on this webpage. Many units have made a big push through the summer to improve this. As a result of these efforts, our district has had over 11% of its leaders, whose records showed them as untrained, got their records updated (your unit Key 3 and Training Chair should be able to update this, too), changed their registration, or attended training.  According to inconsistently enforced BSA policy, a new leader is expected to complete training within 90 days of accepting the position (see this document on page 4). Our council and district have struggled to enforce this because training was rarely offered frequently enough. With most cub training now online and many classes in the next 60 days, there are few that should not be able to meet this requirement.
  4. Short Notice for Rechartering. This post and your cooperation in spreading the news are designed to give all units at least 23 days’ notice of the new process. Many commissioners will be at Camporee to answer questions and concerns. (This will be too late for units scheduled for the first night, so plan accordingly.)

While we understand that this is a new system, please have patience with us in its implementation. We expect by beginning this new process, we will have a rough first year. In the coming years, our efforts in 2015 will make the process smoother by shifting when efforts are needed earlier and creating habits and customs that will serve everybody better.

Keep watching the District Rechartering page for updates and clarifications on the process.

Thank you for your assistance to helping make North Star District the envy of the Crossroads of America Council.