Popcorn Sales Troubleshooting

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In the next couple days, we will post an article on foreseeable problems in popcorn sales. I do not have the full information available at this moment. Watch this website for the article. It will be posted as soon as I get the information. I apologize for the tease now, but I thought you would want to know.

One example that I have heard is that the new popcorn app will add an order for popcorn to be delivered later if the scout does not mark the popcorn sale as already fulfilled. This will require the Popcorn Kernel to need to verify all future deliveries are correct before submitting the final order to avoid excessive fulfillment.

Popcorn 2016 Update #2

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From District Popcorn Kernel Tom Petersen:

2016 Popcorn Sale

Below are some highlights of the 2016 Popcorn Sale!


Important Dates:

August 1st- Online Sales Begin

White Chocolatey Pretzels

Chocolatey Caramel Crunch

August 28th- Initial Orders Due

September 17th- Popcorn Sale Begins

September 17th-25th – Blitz Week

October 23rd- Popcorn Sale Ends

November 1st- Final Order and Prize Order Due

December 2nd- Final Payment Due

*A more detailed calendar will be provided at a later date


What’s New in 2016!


The 2016 Popcorn sale will have a Space/Star Wars theme. This is something that the Scouts can get excited about and will keep them engaged in the sale. This theme should be used at your Kickoff Party to get the boys excited about the sale.


Two Week Blitz:

There will be a two week blitz from September 17th to September 25th to kick off the sale. A Scout that sells $350 in that two weeks will receive a pop-up lantern. If they sell $450 in those two weeks they will also receive a Foamstrike Switchblade Boomerang. Sales for this blitz DO NOT have to be take order but can be any type of sale. You will have product in hand during the Blitz!


Product line:

The product for the 2016 sale will be very similar to last year. The only new product this year will be Chocolatey Caramel Crunch. Two products will be offered in Tins this year. Both White Chocolatey Pretzels and Chocolatey Caramel Crunch will be offered in tins.


Things to Focus On

Here are things that you should be focusing on now to prepare for the Popcorn Sale:


· Fill out the online commitment form on the council website (http://tinyurl.com/2016PCF)

· Recruit Unit popcorn Kernels if needed

· Complete Unit Individual Sales Plan with District Kernel or District Executive (https://247scouting.com/web/BSA160/attachment/document_14637657300_2938.pdf)


Complete details can be found on the Council popcorn page (http://crossroadsbsa.org/popcorn)


Selling popcorn is a simple and efficient way to fund your Unit’s activities. 


If you have questions, please contact me.


Tom Petersen

North Star District Popcorn Kernel


2016 Popcorn Preview

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From Tom Petersen the District Popcorn Kernel:

2016 Popcorn Sale – Save the Dates!

The school year is almost over and summer camp is just around the corner. This is a perfect time to start planning for your Unit’s 2016 Popcorn sale. 

Here are the critical dates to help you mark your calendar.

Important 2016 Popcorn Sale Dates:

  •             August 1st- Online Sales Begin
  •             August 28th- Initial Orders Due
  •             September 17th- Popcorn Sale Begins
  •             September 17th-25th – Blitz Week (Note: This blitz will NOT be limited to take orders only. Any type of sale will count.)
  •             October 23rd- Popcorn Sale Ends
  •             November 1st- Final Order and Prize Order Due
  •             December 2nd- Final Payment Due

Stay tuned, a more detailed calendar will be provided at a later date.

Selling popcorn is a simple and efficient way to fund your Unit’s activities.  

If you have questions, please contact me.


Tom Petersen

North Star District Popcorn Kernel



2015 Popcorn sales thank you

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To have a smooth run popcorn sale requires hard work, organization, and a
team effort.

I would like to take a moment to thank our North Star District
Popcorn Kernels (and assistants) for their commitment of time, dedication to
the program, and hard work! From the very start our unit kernels
demonstrated this by making North Star’s Popcorn kickoff/training one of the
best attended in years. We had representation from nearly every unit in

During the sale, our popcorn distributions were near perfect
due to the large number of motivated volunteers that turned out to help sort
and load orders.

Finally, due to the remarkable organizational skills of
our unit kernels, North Star District was the first district in the Council
to have all popcorn funds submitted!

When you encounter your unit’s Popcorn
Kernel (or assistants) please join me in offering them thanks in recognition
of their exceptional efforts during the popcorn sale this year.

North Star Unit Popcorn Kernels and Assistants

Crew 69 Denise Purdie Andrews
Crew 408 Mick Witte
Pack 18 Suzanne Lincoln
Pack 18 Cindy Hallberg
Pack 35 Sarah Hargis
Pack 64 Kit Williams
Pack 84 Marilee Rahn
Pack 84 Marilyn Langston
Pack 84 Jeff Long
Pack 105 Tucker Herbold
Pack 105 Teresa Arens
Pack 174 Ed Spahr
Pack 175 Matt Hibbeln
Pack 179 Devon Harmon
Pack 179 Rachell Laucevicius
Pack 358 Tom Rude
Pack 358 Jenny Beyer
Pack 514 Todd Sanger
Pack 514 David Paul
Pack 625 Jennifer Davis
Pack 625 Tia Bell
Pack 625 Pati Allison
Pack 830 Brian DeaKyne
Pack 830 Ed Stehno
Pack 830 Bill Buchalter
Troop 56 Rebecca Zirnheld
Troop 56 John Blue
Troop 69 Mark Reasoner
Troop 73 Doug Petry
Troop 269 Ann Salima
Troop 343 Andrew Himebaugh
Troop 514 Leah Roggeman
Troop 804 Niki Parker
Troop 804 Jill Williams

Tom Petersen
North Star District Popcorn Kernel

Popcorn report

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On January 4, 2016, our District Executive Con Sullivan reported that North Star District was the only district to have its popcorn accounts payable paid in full!

Congratulations to our unit Popcorn Kernals and to our District Popcorn Kernal Tom Petersen for making that happen.

Zionsville Scouts Teach Country about Popcorn Sales

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Nick and Sam from Zionsville and Troop 69 and Pack 358 are the stars of new videos. They teach scouts about popcorn sales and how it is done.

Crossroads of America Council Development Director Leslie Anderson said, “I am so proud of Nick & Sam (from Zionsville) as the co-hosts of the Trail’s End TV popcorn segments.  These are released to every user that has an account in Trail’s End across the whole nation!”

Crossroads of America Council Scout Executive Patrick Sterrett got straight to the point, “Very cool! I love those kids!!!”

Take a look at all of the videos so that you know why Council is so proud of our District’s Nick and Sam.

There is rumor of Guiness Book of World Record attempt and coverage by Fox 59 on October 17th. Stay tuned to this blog for more details.

Popcorn pickup Friday, Sept 18

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Remember, this Friday, popcorn will be available for pick up and use in show-and-sale.

We are ending the second week of the “Popcorn Take Order Sales Blitz”! Encourage your Scouts to try to make the $350 goal in the next few days to earn the iTunes gift card. Remind your parents that they must submit a copy of their Scout’s sales sheet by 5pm on 9/21/15. See the following link for more details.Popcorn 2015 logo

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Recruitment of “Mystery House”

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Update 8/20/15: mystery house filled! Thank you!
This just came in from Council’s Development Director Leslie Anderson:

I need your quick help with a fun, last minute request.

We would like to have 1 mystery house in each district during the popcorn sale.

We will promote clues to the mystery house in each of the e-newsletters.

The mystery house prize is GUARANTEED $50 POPCORN SALES!
Once a Scout finds the mystery house, we will communicate that it has been found in that district in the e-newsletters.

This will also help promote TAKE ORDER SALES!

Will you find someone in your district that will agree to buy $50 worth of popcorn from the first Scout that knocks on his/her door?

 I need 5 clues to that person’s home (and the name & address of that person), and I need them by next Thursday, August 6th.   (Sorry for the late notice!!)

Popcorn 2015 logoSample clues:

  • Near a school or RR crossing
  • Red door
  • White picket fence
  • East side of town / county / city name
  • 2 white pillars

We need 5 clues because there will be 5 e-newsletters during the sale.   The most general clue will come first and move towards the more specific clues.

Will you help?

If you have a person who would be willing to be the “mystery house,” please contact Jeff Heck at jheck@cacnorthstar.org.