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I wanted to let you know a few things before you open up your recharter.  (the email with the link was sent on Friday Sept 27th).
  1. BSA fees are increasing.  The exact amount is unknown at this time.
  2. All leaders need a completed YPT that does not expire before March 1, 2020.   Plus, all leaders need their leader specific training (committee, chair, SM, CM, DL, ASM, etc)
  3. Recharter turn-in dates are being pushed back 2 weeks due to the fee increase.  I am still verifying locations.  Look for an email later this week to reserve your time slot.  You will also find a link to the signup in the Wednesday newsletter or on the North Star website.
  4. I would suggest waiting on opening your recharter until mid-late October.  This would allow for any outstanding applications to be processed and imported into the recharter system, saving you some data entry.
Items that you can work on ahead of time:
If you have any questions, please reach out or visit
Yours in Scouting,
Jenny Beyer
North Star District Commissioner
c 317-661-0431
h 317-769-5060

New District Executive

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Please welcome Spencer Young to North Star!


Spencer is our new District Executive.

A graduate of Purdue University he will be making the rounds to meet our Units and support us in Scouting.

Contact him at


Direct Contact Leader Required Training Policy and Recharter

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Below is the email sent out regarding the new training requirements.  To simplify –  get your leaders trained!  With two deep trained leader requirements now extended to Cub Scouts it is imperative that all leaders complete their training prior to recharter to avoid any issues.


Saturday, September 7, 2019

To:  All Cub Scout & Scouts BSA Unit Key 3

From:  Ronald Penczek, Council Commissioner

RE:  Direct Contact Leader Required Training Policy & Recharter

Dear Scout Leader,

Soon we will be starting the annual recharter process for your unit and I want to remined you about the council policy of requiring all Direct Contact Leaders to be trained for their respective leadership positions.  This policy will affect Cub Scout and Scout BSA leaders this year including new leaders that join with their Scout this fall.

Cub Scout and Scouts BSA Direct Contact Leaders must be trained for their respective positions by December 31 of this year, to be registered for their positions in 2020. This means untrained direct contact leaders will be dropped from your unit’s charter or if a leader is in a required position will prevent your unit’s charter from posting.

All required training is available online at with exception to Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) required for Scouts BSA.   IOLS training is available:

  • Remaining Council provided training is Dec. 14-15 (Sat-Sun).  Click here to register for the Council provided IOLS training.
  • University of Scouting on Saturday, November 9-10. Click here to register
  • May be available at fall camporees

To read the required training policy and for frequently asked questions about direct contact leader training click here. Trained leaders lead to better unit program, better unit programs allow us to change more life’s and impact more communities.  Thank you for getting trained and all you do for Scouting.

Yours in Scouting,

Ron Penczek

Council Commissioner

New Cub Scout Adventures

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Cub Scout Preview Adventures are new elective adventures for Cub Scouts.  During the preview period these adventures will be under evaluation and possible revision. It will be determined how much interest there is, based on several factors. Successful previews will be considered to be included in the next edition of the Cub Scout handbooks.

These adventures count toward advancement just like other elective adventures. Here you will find the requirements, den meeting plans, and program resources.

Preview Adventure recognition items are purple in color for all ranks to signify they are in preview mode. Adventure loops and pins for preview adventures can only be purchased online at

The Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure


In partnership with the Barbara Sinatra Foundation we are proud to present the Protect Yourself Rules Adventure.  This adventure is designed to provide your Cub Scouts information on how to Recognize, Respond, and Report abuse as part of the BSA’s Personal Safety Awareness program.



This adventure is available for all Cub Scouts.Lion badgeTiger Badge   

It may be earned in place of the Cyber Chip requirement for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light badges of rank.  (Lion’s do not earn Cyber Chip).  If used in place of the Cyber Chip requirement, it may not be used as an elective adventure towards that badge of rank.

Yo-Yo Preview Adventure


In partnership with Duncan Toys, we are proud to present the Yo-Yo Preview Adventure.  This adventure develops eye-hand coordination and teaches fundamental concepts of gravity, motion, and energy.


Final Yo Yo Preview Adventure Loop

This adventure is available for the following ranks:  

New Update to the Guide to Safe Scouting

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New Update to the Guide to Safe Scouting – Online Version

Changes have been made across the board.  From ages scouts can tent together (no more than 2 years apart), to Webelos not being allowed to camp at Camporees (only day visits), to no more dodgeball!  Sit down with your Committee and your PLC and make sure you are in compliance with the new policies.


The most recent update includes new additions to the Prohibited Activity Listing.  These activities are Prohibited as of October 1, 2019.  The new additions include but is not limited to dodge ball, flying in non-tethered hot air balloons, boomerangs, LARPing, trampolines, and chubby bunny.  Look at the list.  It has changed significantly.


An FAQ has been provided to help answer any questions you might have about the changes being made, to access the FAQ click


If you have not been introduced to the Guide to Safe Scouting or you have never taken the time to look it over, you are definitely missing a key part of our program.  This is an amazing guide and resource to things like: Youth Protection, Camping, Activity Planning, Transportation, Insurance, and Incident Reporting, plus much more.  The appendix has quick reference guides:

  • Motor Vehicle and Driver Checklist
  • Meeting Place Inspection Checklist
  • Flying Plan Checklist
  • Unit Money-Earning Application
  • Incident Reporting Tool
  • Near Miss Reporting Tool
  • Youth Protection/Membership Infraction Incident Information Form
  • Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities
  • Age Appropriate Camping Guidelines 34416Camping
  • Service Project Planning Guidelines
  • Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations or Excavations
  • Campout Safety Checklist
  • Event Safety Checklist

Please be sure to keep this online version handy when considering a Scouting activity or planning a meeting or outing.

The HTML version of the Guide to Safe Scouting has been updated and can be found online at

YPT updates

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Below is information on YPT provided by Kevin Neese, NS Training Chair.


Youth Protection encompasses much more that sexual connotations.  The training helps to provide us needed tools and resources to serve our Scouts.
Concerning Youth Protection Training, I would like to ask ALL our Registered Adults to take the New / Updated Youth Protection Training (available at during September 2019.  Since the major revision of Youth Protection Training in 2018 – BSA has made a commitment to annually update its content with pertinent information.
I have been asked – what if my Youth Protection Training expires during 2020.  I IMPLORE ALL leaders – let’s NOT make this a point of conversation.  Take the updated YPT during September 2019 and each September going forward.  Some of the largest Councils in the United States have published requirements that YPT be current until after the end of the reCharter period in order to recharter.  Currently we have been unable to find definitive information from National – but, usually these larger Councils are a GOOD indication as to coming policies.
Our standing district policy is that all YPT should have expiration dates between March 1st and October 1st of a given year. Rechartered leaders must have 60 days of valid YPT to be considered up-to-date, which in our council’s calendar-year cycle means March 1st. If leaders are trained by October 1st, they will present no problems for their unit’s recharger process.
Also, what adult wants to be in the position of being removed from the roster and having to go through reregistration, because they forget to renew their YPT (during the year).  If a leaders YPT expires, it is an automatic drop.
Personally, I think a better way to look at Youth protection Training (and I hope that you agree) – OUR SCOUTS deserve us – as LEADERS to WANT to take the updated training.
Kevin Neese
NS Training Chairman

Scout Fun Run

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October 12 – Scout Fun Run at Camp Belzer

Come with your Family!  Come with your Pack!  Come with your Patrol or your Troop!

Race through Belzer – Interactive Inflatables – Archery – BBguns – STEM activities and MORE!  Check it out boy-scouts-funrun-flyer-final


October – RECHARTER – sign up

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The dates and locations for Recharter have been confirmed!  Has your Unit signed up for a spot yet?  Register by October 1st.

Wednesday, October 23- St. Alphonsus- All Souls Center

Thursday, October 24- Eagle Creek Community Church

Tuesday, October 29- St. Monica’s Catholic Church

Wednesday, October 30- Immaculate Heart Catholic Church

6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00 – 3 slots per time

Unit Recharter Registration Here

Additional Help is Always Needed At Recharters.  Can you help?  You can choose which location(s) that works best for you.  Please email Jenny Beyer at if you can help.

Wednesday, October 23- St. Alphonsus- All Souls Center, 6-9pm

Thursday, October 24- Eagle Creek Community Church, 6-9pm

Tuesday, October 29- St. Monica’s Catholic Church, 6-9pm

Wednesday, October 30- Immaculate Heart Catholic Church, 6-9pm


Indy XI Scout Night – Indy Eleven vs. Memphis 901 FC

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Indy Indy_Eleven_Logo.svg_XI Scout Night – Indy Eleven vs. Memphis 901 FC
October 5, 2019 / 7:00pm – Lucas Oil Stadium

All scouts in attendance will receive a patch and have the opportunity to go on the field for a post-game goal kick.

Cost is $12 per person. To register, click here.
Enter promo code: scout. Deadline to order tickets is October 3.

To print the flyer, click here.

For questions, please contact Kevin Kirkoff at 317-685-1100  (ext. 1119) or