Awesome Spring Camporee

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The Spring 2019 Camporee was a huge success!  Despite the rain that came and went Saturday afternoon everyone had a great time. The Scouts had a lot of fun and the teamwork being displayed by each Patrol at the competition stations was amazing see! We even got in the Rocket Launch for all of the scouts that brought rockets! 
Additionally, this was Troop 219’s  first camporee and in the overall competition scoring they placed 5th place!   Congratulations Scouts!
All the Troop campsites were incredible for the Campsite Willie Awards, Congratulations to all of the Scouts, Scoutmasters and Adult Leaders for all of your hard work. 
Thank you Jim Raines and your Camporee staff for a fantastic camporee!Camporee 19

Merit Badge Counselor List and Procedures

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North Star has finished updating it’s Merit Badge Counselor list!  Kevin Neese, our Training Vice Chair, has sent all Key 3’s the updated list.  Please share with Scouts and families through your Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair as requested but do not put out on websites, etc.
Moving forward.  New procedures for Merit Badge Counselors.
  • Adding a new Merit Badge Counselor.  Fill out BSA Adult application.  Attach YPT.  Attach Merit Badge selections. Attach MBC training certificate.  TURN IN TO KEVIN NEESE.  He will then get the required District Signatures and turn in to Council when all paperwork in complete.
  • Adding and Deleting Merit Badges for an existing MBC.  Send add/delete requests to Kevin Neese.  He will process the requests.
  • 10 Merit Badge “rule” has been discontinued.  Any current MBC who would like to add Merit Badges to their redacted list needs to send Add list to Kevin.
A Merit Badge Counselor is: A trained adult, registered by and accountable to the Council and the District; they are an independent guide, instructor and / or coach for the Merit Badge(s) that they counsel.  A Counselors duty is to be satisfied that each Scout who comes to you as a counselor meets all the requirements for the merit badge you are counseling them on.  You are a coach, a guide, giving them positive reinforcement in the subject matter.  You are not to change the requirements or add additional requirements – you are there to help them over the different hurdles of the requirements.  Thus, helping the Scout to gain a deeper awareness of the subject matter of the Merit Badge.
As a Merit Badge Counselor, you are the coach, guide, and / or instructor – but you MUST allow the Scout to do the work themselves.
The last and MOST important duty of a Merit Badge Counselor is to follow Youth Protection Requirements.
A Scouts (and their parents / legal guardians) duties to a Merit Badge Counselor:
 Number one (1) remember that a Merit Badge Counselor is a VOLUNTEER, they are donating their time, talents, and experience – so a Scout is Courteous.  A Merit Badge Counselor may need to say NO to your request to counsel them on a Merit Badge (there are only 24 hours in a day).
Again, remember that a Merit Badge Counselor is a VOLUNTEER.  Some Merit Badges have cost associated with them (materials, entrance fees, rentals).  Don’t ask the Counselor to donate money and resources so that you can complete the Merit Badge requirements (unless the Counselor offers).
YOU are RESPONISBLE for completing the requirements, for doing the work, for being on time.   YOU are responsible for providing the signed Application to the Merit Badge to the Counselor.  You are also responsible in helping the Merit Badge Counselor maintain Youth Protection Requirements.  If contacting the Merit Badge Counselor by email, make sure to include a parent(s) and / or a leader on all emails.  If you are contacting the Merit Badge Counselor by phone, remember that you will need an Adult third party on the call to maintain Youth Protection Requirements.  Remember, it is very likely that the Merit Badge Counselor will need you to bring an Adult with you to face-to-face meeting so that Youth Protection Requirements are met.

Voyageur Scholarships

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Voyageur Canoe Training Adult Scholarship

What is Voyageur Canoe Training?  Why should an adult or youth take the training?  The Voyageur Canoe Training program prepares adults to take the Voyageur program back to troop and other youth groups to prepare for and conduct safe canoe outings including High Adventure trips.  The focus is teaching how to have FUN SAFELY while canoeing.  More information about the Voyageur program can be found here

Don & Diane Claffey have established the Claffey Voyageur Scholarship Fund to provide ongoing support to this program.  Scholarships in the amount of $50.00 will be awarded for each Voyageur adult training class starting with the Spring 2019 class.  The applicant must be a currently registered adult leader of a unit in the Crossroads of America Council, BSA.  To qualify for the scholarship they should have a financial need to attend adult Voyageur training.  Additionally, their unit should be planning to conduct both unit training and outings centered on canoeing and/or kayaking within the next two years.  The scholarship must be used within twelve months of the date the winner receives notification by the Voyageur Course Director, or the scholarship will be forfeited.  Other details are contained in the scholarship application Voyageur Adult Scholarship Form Fillable – 0419

A similar scholarship is planned for the Youth Voyageur Training (announcement pending).


How much did you pay for troop cookware?

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UPDATED for clarity 4/24/2019:

I was trolling around on Amazon and I ran across something that shocked me. $15 for a
a Lodge frying pan. 

That is worth noting. Where have you found good deals on troop equipment? Add your comments below.

Swim Tests for Summer Camp

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from Paul Kovach.

All Scouts and adults involved in troop aquatic activities are required to have their swimming ability defined by the BSA Swim Test.  These activities would include aquatics at summer camp (Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Sailing, etc) and troop canoeing events.

If you or your Scout did not attend the T514 Swim Test on April 1 at Pike Aquatic Center, there are a few other options to complete this test.  One can go in advance of the activity to a local pool that has a certified Lifeguard.  The requirements are attached so that the Lifeguard could perform the test.  Availability and out-of-pocket costs may vary for each.  Below are some potential or known opportunities.

Finally, for Ransburg only, a scout or scouter may take the test at Ransburg on the afternoon of troop arrival.

JCC (Jewish Community Center on Hoover Rd.) –

Monon Ctr –

YMCA – Jordan

YMCA – Pike

Zionsviile Aquatics Center – Zionsville High School, 900 Mulberry Street.  Cost is $10 per Scout.

Scouts & Scouters should use the attached swim classification form here

Michael Rodriguez Beading Ceremony

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M beading b

Congratulations to Michael Rodriguez!  Last night he shared his Wood Badge Beading Ceremony with all of those at Roundtable.  Mike told the audience that he wanted to share this experience at Roundtable because he found so much fellowship and help from the other Scouters at Roundtable over the years, just as he found fellowship and help from his Wood Badge Patrol – Go Screaming Eagles! Wood Badge in the United States is the highest level of adult Scout leader training available. It was first presented in England by the founder of Scouting, Baden Powell.  Find more information here:

Join us at the May Roundtable and meet the other Scouters in our District and to share our “Best Adventures” to help encourage all Scouts and Scouters to Dream Big!

Direct Contact Leader Training

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As we start we move towards summer I want to remind you about the council policy of requiring all Direct Contact Leaders to be trained for their respective leadership positions.  This policy will affect all Scouts BSA Direct Contact Leaders this year including new leaders that join with their Scout this spring.
Scouts BSA Direct Contact Leaders must be trained for their respective positions by December 31, 2019, to be registered for their positions in 2020.  Starting January 1, 2020 Scouts BSA Leaders who assume Direct Contact positions must complete position specific training by December 31 of that year.
To read the full required training policy click here.
All required training is available online at with exception to Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) required for Scouts BSA.
Scoutmaster/Asst. Scoutmaster Training
Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills Training
  • Council provided training June 8-9 (Sat-Sun), Aug. 3-4 (Sat-Sun), Dec. 14-15 (Sat-Sun).  Click here to register for the Council provided IOLS training.
  • University of Scouting on Saturday, November 9
  • May be available at district camporees
For a list of other upcoming classroom trainings, check the Crossroads of America Council website at  For Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Contact Leader training please click here.
Trained leaders lead to better unit program, better unit programs allow us to change more life’s and impact more communities.  Thank you for getting trained and all you do for Scouting.
Yours in Scouting,
Natalie Maenhout
Council Training Chair

IOLS Baloo Training

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From Kevin Neese

PLEASE pass this information on to all your LEADERS and PARENTS

Here is the LINK to SIGN-UP for Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training and BALOO Training

Remember IOLS training is REQUIRED for all Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, and BALOO is required for for Cubscouts to conduct their own outdoor / camping program(s).

This training is open to ANYONE –  it is GREAT training for anyone.

Besides the training dates that the Council is offering:

June 8-9, 2019

August 3-4, 2019

November  (will be the same dates as University of Scouting)

December 14-15, 2019

IOLS and BALOO training will be offered to adults attending SUMMER CAMP with their UNITS.


NYLT – formerly White Stag

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Don’t let your youth leaders miss out on the premier leadership training for Scouts.  Your unit and your program will benefit when your youth are trained to lead. Many units choose to send their top youth leaders paid for by the unit.NYLT
2019 Dates – 3 courses available to choose from:
April 5-9 & May 3-5, 2019 (must attend both weekends) / Camp Kikthawenund / Course Director: Matthew Lackner
Week-Long Course – June 16-22, 2019 / Camp Red Wing / Course Director: Joseph Fenimore
September 13-15 & September 27-29, 2019 (must attend both weekends) / Camp Kikthawenund / Course Director: James Tungan
Have your youth leadership register today at

Merit Badge Counselor Update

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From Kevin Neese, NS Training Chair – Merit Badge Counselors for North Star District.
The new list is complete and will be updated periodically.  Scouts can ask their SM for the list of North Star MBC
 If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.