2018 Scout Popcorn Festival!

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What’s Popping??  Glad you asked!  Join us at the 2018 SCOUT POPCORN FESTIVAL!!!**
There will be 5 Stations to visit (BEFORE you hit the pool):2018 Scout Popcorn Festival Flyer
1) Popcorn Tasting 
2) Prizes (to include the Amazon.com GIFT CARD where you can buy what YOU want)
3)  Online Sales (Can register onsite for a Trail’s End account using a computer workstation)
4) Sales Training (Watch a COOL video!)
5) Top Seller Incentives (Info on private LEGO MOVIE screening, customized Van’s shoes, Kentucky Kingdom & MORE!)
**BOY SCOUTS: Think this is for younger scouts?  Think again!  We would LOVE to have you help us by volunteering and getting SERVICE HOURS in return!  
**PARENTS: Make sure you bring your Scout-appropriate swim attire so you can go swimming too in our OPEN POOL!!!!!
Popcorn Festival Sign-up Link:   2018 Scout Popcorn Festival RSVP
Click here for the flyer:  2018 Scout Popcorn Festival Flyer
Yours in Scouting,
Kimberly Gorham
NS District Popcorn Kernel

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