August District Committee Preview and Agenda

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North Star District Committee Meeting Agenda


Welcome/Introductions – Steve 

Recruitment Night Update – Sharla and Con 

Rocket Launch Update – Con 

Committee Breakouts 

Committee Reports

Program – Jane


Camping- Brian

Advancement – Mark


Activities – Steve

FOS – Con

Nominating – Scott 

Commissioner Report – Jeff

If you have an item or two that you would propose for the general session, please contact Steve.

Subcommittee chairs should be prepared with any agenda that they plan on presenting during the break out sessions.  Those subcommittee agendas can be posted on this page by email them to Jeff Heck.

All units should turn in their Popcorn Intent to Sell cards.


Onslaught of Autumn Training

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As we head into a hectic autumn of scouting, it is easy to forget to get trained. We shouldn’t, since it is often required to be Rechartered.

Several districts and council have scheduled training in many locations at many times.  This is especially true of Pathfinder’s Mini University of Scouting on Saturday, August 29th on the southside and Council’s position-specific blitz in August, September, and October at the Scout Service Center. A new list of courses is now available on a new website at Units and districts can now post their own additions to training for the benefit of all in the Council.

Some of these trainings are available online, too, at my.scouting.orgAdventure

Small unit, small committee

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As we go into the fall and prepare for rechartering, the district is putting a greater emphasis on making sure we have properly aligned and functioning pack and troop committees. This does not mean that all unit committees need to be of equal size.
Smaller units have fewer parents to recruit from. This means inherently smaller committees. While the Boy Scouts of America system is extremely top-heavy and presumes each individual committee member has limited responsibilities, that is not always the case. In smaller units, sometimes one committee member will be the point of contact for district or council for several different subjects.

The unit committee structure only presumes a small handful of people. Units may choose to have larger committees with greater specialization. A smaller committee means that one person may handle all membership issues. Over the course of the year, this one unit committee member may be contacted by several specialized scouters from District or Council, including Webelos-to-scout transition, spring recruitment, fall recruitment, and retention. That does not mean that the unit needs to subdivide those membership issues the same way the District does.

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More Recruiting Ideas

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Frank Maynard runs a well-read blog called Bobwhite Blather. He is a long-standing Troop Committee Chair. He has a wonderful article about recruiting ideas that you have not tried. Give it a read.

Notice of maintenance upgrade on

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August 12, 2015MyScouting Tools Maintenance

On Thursday, August 13, from approximately 8 AM to Noon CT, MyScouting Tools will be inaccessible. During this timeframe a maintenance notification will be displayed on the webpage. This maintenance will make improvements to the My.Scouting data base. Please direct any questions to the Member Care Contact Center at 972-580-2489.

Committee Schedule Change in August

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This year’s recruitment night being consolidated on one date for all units on Thursday, August 27th, which is our regularly scheduled District Committee Meeting night.

We need to change the District Committee meeting date. It has been moved up to August 20th at 7:00 p.m. It will still be at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. The room has been changed to Room N-101, Entry #7 (northernmost door to the main building).

Preparations for recruitment night will be one of the key points on the agenda. Anyone volunteering to assist with recruitment is asked to attend this meeting.

** Please be advised that the church’s parking lot is currently undergoing major renovations to the traffic flow pattern. We are told that the work will be done before the meeting date. Even so, please drive with care on campus, since the new pattern is startlingly different than the old pattern.

Need to Schedule Self-Assessment Meeting

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This year, the Journey to Excellence (“JTE”) scorecard will be required in Rechartering. In April District Commissioner Jeff Heck emailed a link to a self-assessment form to each unit. An article about this email was posted on this blog.

JTE and the self-assessment are two parts of the same processJTE. National council’s goal with JTE is to encourage units to become more self-aware of what elements of their programs work well and what elements need a boost. JTE scorecard is designed to help units see where these elements in a simplistic scoring method. The self-assessment is designed to take those simplistic scores and translate them into actions that improve the unit in a meaningful way.

Let’s take a look at what has been recent experience versus how this process is supposed to work. We will use the example of a Cub Pack.

Before JTE and self-assessments, the Pack Key 3 (i.e., Chartered Organization Representative (“COR”), Pack Committee Chair, and Cubmaster) were expected to sit down and agree on the principles and personnel used to run the Pack. They were expected to read through all of the manuals for Cubmasters, Committee Members, and COR and figure out what needed attention. What often happened is that some of the Key 3 had read everything, some had read only what applied to them, and others read nothing. When the Key 3 did meet, there was no clear agenda on what the Pack’s principle focus for improvement should be.

Unit Commissioner PatchWhere a Unit Commissioner was assigned to the Pack, the Commissioner would sometimes offer some verbal guidance or an outline on how to proceed. More often than not, especially in North Star District, the Pack Key 3 neither knew what a Commissioner was or who was assigned to the Pack.

With the new JTE and self-assessment combination, the Pack is asked to have a dedicated meeting for the Pack Key 3 and the Unit Commissioner every six (6) months. The agenda is to review the a self-assessment form with focus on identifying the Pack’s strengths and weaknesses today and designing a plan for improvement over time. The self-assessment form emphasizes identifying specific areas that a healthy pack needs to thrive. Within those areas, the Key 3 are asked to describe what specific tasks that they would like to undertake, who will be delegated primary responsibility, and when the deadline for completion will be.

This process is designed to mimic the business planning processes of any healthy organization. The process is broad in scope of what needs to be reviewed. The process is systematic in its regular method of assessment to avoid complacency or reckless ignorance. The process is brief in documentation necessary. The process is clear on delegation and responsibility to avoid confusion or omission.

With these a self-assessment forms in hand, JTE scoring should be much similar. The categories in the JTE scorecard and the self-assessment match up nearly identically. Within an outline of an action plan from the self-assessment form in mind, the JTE scorecard’s intent and focus is much easier to decipher. The expectation is that a regular self-assessment with clear delegation of responsibility and accountability will make the scores on the JTE scorecards go up as a natural consequence of successful planning.

Rather than using the sample form on this page, please print out your own form from the link emailed to you (or contact your Unit Commissioner to send you a new link). This form from will be automatically populated with some of the BSA’s records about your unit. This will allow you to double check your unit’s records versus BSA’s and make sure that you know your unit’s training status.trained patch

The District Commissioner’s Service is working hard to prepare our units for October’s rechartering and the added requirements of preparing the JTE scorecard. Please discuss with your unit’s Key 3 when they can meet to review your self-assessment and invite your Unit Commissioner to attend. Attend a District Roundtable or Commissioner’s Coffee to learn more.

CAC Online Resources

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Dr John Eliades, Golden Eagle’s Training Chair and ex officio member of the Council Training Committee, reports about Pack training resources:

Dear fellow CAC Trainers

In advance of our meeting next week I would like to share with you some new training material we have developed in time for the Annual Kick-off.

We could not wait until the New Den Leaders Power Point was developed since we have to start training our trainers. Our Den Leader Orientation has been uploaded to in folder “ADULT POWER POINT SHOWS” and subfolder “CUB-ADULT PPS“. If anyone wishes the PPT version for further revision/adaptation, contact me.

We also have developed multiple Leadership Notebooks to aid the new Cub Leaders/Comm. Members.

Open folder “CUBLEADER LEADERSHIP NOTEBOOKS” and download any you have an interest in. To supplement these we also have developed a series of PP Presentation to help with the initial orientation of these new leaders.

To help organize the CAC Family Talent Survey we have developed an Excel Spreadsheet to make it easier to store, and search the info “PACK FAMILY TALENT&VEHICLE INVENTORY“. This can be encrypted and stored in a Cloud Storage such as SKYDRIVE for free and thus updated easily and downloaded by Pack Leaders without the constant hassle of sending paper revisions. This file can be found within any of the notebooks in a folder titled “6-Z8-Leadership & Parent Talent-Driver Info”. A troop version containing Merit Badge rather than Cub Adventure info can be found in our  folder”TROOP ADULT LEADERSHIP NOTEBOOKS.”

I would welcome your comments next week’s CAC-Training Comm. Meeting.

John Eliades, GED-Training Chair

Photos from Mike Stalcup’s Funeral

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Monday the Crossroads of America Council came together to grieve the loss of one of its mainstays Mike Stalcup.

For those that could not make the funeral, here are some pictures of the history of scouting in our council that Mike participated in. If you know names of people in the pictures, please put them in the comment section.








Update from Area 6 on Training Online

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Michael A. Crothers, Area 6 Training Chair, which is over Crossroads of America Council, reported this morning that:

On Monday morning at 8am Central BSA’s Information Delivery Group plans to start an upgrade to my.Scouting.  As a result of the installation ELearning training will be unavailable for most of the day Monday August 10. Please pass along to your unit leaders that they will be unable to take YPT or other online courses on Monday.  This announcement has also been posted on the landing page.

But here is the Good News:  After we complete this work on Monday then volunteers will be able to take online courses from the new my.Scouting in his/her MyDashboard.  There will be 4 new tabs in the MyTraining menu selection.

  1. The first one highlights the 3 Youth Protection Trainings available.  And when you click on the Take Course button it takes you to the training.
  2. The second tab “Training Center” allows you to take all online trainings.
  3. The Requirements tab lists each of your positions and the trainings required for each position
  4. And the Completions tab will display all training you have taken.

As a reminder in addition to council and district training chairs, all commissioners – as well as unit Key 3 0 have the ability to input training in the Training Manager Tool.