Online Registration Roll Out Continues

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Previously, we posted about a training video for online registration.

Now BSA National has rolled out a dedicated webpage for training on the new online registration system. Take a look. Make sure your unit’s ready for the new system.

This will be extremely handy in preparing for rechartering.

Remember all new application that have completed processing prior to October 1, 2016 will be automatically entered into the Internet Rechartering system. That cuts down on a lot of risks of error in the rechartering process. The electronic registration means that the October 1, 2016 deadline is easier to meet with less paper-flow management.

REMINDER: District Committee August 4th

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A quick reminder that the District Committee will be meeting August 4th at 7:00 pm at Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N Meridian St, Rm 407, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Fall Camporee planning is full swing. Please work on your troop’s event. Some ideas are available on a previous post.

We are also working on finalizing basic information about the Winter and Spring Camporees, so come with your thoughts.

Membership subcommittee is in full swing preparing for Back to School Recruitment. Your packs and troops plans to participate (yes, troops helping packs recruit) is crucial for our success. We already know that some packs are spread thin on manpower. They are small and cover many schools on August 25th. Your help is needed for their success.

Fall also has many special events like a Rocket Launch in support of membership recruitment, Cub Scout leader training, Battle of Belzer, Cub Family Camp and many others. We need your help in planning for their success.

Prototype Unit Handbook: Request for pack and troop forms

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I am beginning a project that I want to complete by May 30th. I am looking to design a prototype of a new parent handbook.

I am asking for your help.

First I am asking each unit to email me a copy of their current handbook, annual calendar and handout on costs of membership by May 5th. We will use these as sources of best practices. Documents in a word processing file are preferred.

Second, I am looking for a panel of editors to assist in assessing the result and focusing on simplification and clarity.

Some of the concepts I will be building come from Scouting Magazine’s article last spring. They had to be more generic nationally. Ideally we as a district can put in more specifics in a prototype.

Committee Meetings: Useful?

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The great Bobwhite Blather has some hints on making sure that Unit Committee meetings are held and effective.

Here are a few key comments:

So how do you slog through the routine of a monthly committee meeting without causing your committee members to “check out” and put you on mute?

With people saying they’d prefer almost anything to sitting through a boring meeting – eight percent reportedly would rather have a root canal than endure a litany of boring status updates – it’s vitally important to engage your participants so they can share the essence of their knowledge. And being a volunteer organization, we can’t compel them to attend, like your employer can, so we need to make them want to attend.

  • Most of your meeting should involve tasks in which participants are dependent on each other to advance the outcome. If only one or two people are involved, the rest of the attendees will either be sitting there silently watching the clock or contributing in ways that may not be helpful.
  • If your meeting has no purpose or agenda, you’re doomed to waste your participants’ time. They don’t know what to expect…and you don’t know where you are going next – or even why you’re there.
  • Expect a solution to arise out of the discussion. Don’t make a habit of putting off topics until the next meeting. Make it a priority to resolve issues and make assignments. The old adage applies: Nothing gets done in meetings – the action takes place when everyone leaves the table.
  • Everyone attending should have a stake. Anyone who leaves without something to do probably shouldn’t have attended in the first place.

Frank goes on to explain when emails would be more effective. It is worth a quick read.

Eagle Boards: Need Board Members

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UPDATED 10/17/15 to add videos.

UPDATED 10/20/15: boards for November and December have been fully staffed. Thank you for the willing participation from so many units!

North Star District has a joyous problem. We have more Eagle Candidates than our regularly scheduled boards’ capacity.

District Board Coordinator Jerry Simon has set a goal of moving as many Eagle candidates through their boards before year’s end as possible.Eagle pin

District is planning on holding extra boards on November 11th to meet the demand.

We need board members to volunteer that evening, and possibly again in December. Please contact Jeff Heck if you can serve on a board or two that evening.

Please encourage new scouters in your troop to volunteer. This is a wonderful way for scouters to learn about Eagle process. Jerry will give new board members instruction on their duties. They can also learn more from the Eagle Board of Review YouTube video from the BSA, with this blogger’s favorite scouter on the internet Clarke Green as one of the presenters. Since Eagle Boards are nothing more than specialized Boards of Review, it also pays to listen to this YouTube Video from National on Boards of Review in general. More specialized topics on the subject are available on advancement from Scouting.org.

We may need nearly 20 volunteers to serve on these November boards.

Service Opportunities 

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Sometimes our units are looking for service opportunities. Sometimes we seek service where scouts to gain entry for future unit placement. Scouts do well at schools and churches where they offer service to their current or future host chartered organizations.

We are seeking access back into Pike and Washington Townships.

Our District Executive just received this request for service from Pik High School. Please make sure you let your scouts how much they are needed for service and as ambassadors for scouting.

Hello Con,

            I am the event coordinator for Pike High School’s 2015 ISSMA Marching Band event being held on October 31st . It was suggested to me that the scouts may be able to help in our efforts to host this annual event. As a former scout, I know how scouts can make time for the community. (Trans Atlantic Council , Troop 1, Heidelberg, Germany) I understand some scouts may be needing community service requirements for Merit badges or other projects .

            If this is something that would interest your troop, please let me know as soon as possible, as we are trying to fill as many spots as possible. I do have a “sign Up Genius “ set up that you could visit to see the type of positions available, anything from spectator parking to gate monitors , hospitality, admissions, hand stampers, water table monitor, and stand entrance monitors, We have two shifts available, or a person could volunteer the entire day, start times range from 9:30AM in the morning to 1:45 PM in the afternoon. All positions are over by 6PM.

            The sign up genius is set-up for Parents , but we realize the maturity level of scouts and we know we can count on their assistance. 

I do appreciate your consideration, and if this is something that can help your scouts, then Pike and the North Star District both win!


Thank you ,

Doug Reilly

Event Coordinator


810-6262 (W), 297-7886 (H), 515-9805 (C)

dreilly@arrow.com, indyhog96.dr@att.net

How can I add unit leaders to district email list?

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From time to time, I receive requests for leaders to be added to our weekly email list. You can add yourself  by clicking here.

You are invited to send an email to your unit and invite them to visit http://eepurl.com/bqJbcD to sign themselves up.

If you would like us to invite a list of people, send Jeff an Excel spreadsheet with a column for First Name, Last Name, Email, and Primary Phone each in separate columns.

Leaders to consider adding might include but are not limited to those handling Rechartering, summer camp, district or council events, advancement chairs, highly-active Assistant Scoutmasters or committee members, persons you wish to recruit in the future to bigger roles.