Who are the District Chair and Commissioner?

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For information about the District Committee, visit the Committee page. It will give you updated information as to who has accepted positions on the committee and which positions remain vacant. Steve James is the District Committee Chairman.

For information about the District Commissioner Service and its mission, visit the Commissioner page. After the Commissioner Staff has held its first meeting in May, this page will be updated with Unit Commissioner names and unit assignments. Jeffrey Heck is the District Commissioner. His email is jheck@cacnorthstar.org. His phone is (317)822-8220.

Council’s 2015 Popcorn Sales & Marketing Plan

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UPDATE (6/24/15): Post moved to top  of page in preparation for June district committee meeting.


On April 21, 2015, the Council held its semi-annual council operations meeting. This meeting is a chance for Council to outline its business plan for the next six (6) months and outline the responsibilities for the districts in carrying out those plans. The intended audience is the District’s Committee Chair, Vice-Chairs for Programming (with break outs for advancement, camping and activities), Communications, Membership, and Development, and the Commissioner.

Council has made some changes to the Popcorn Sales and Marketing plan. They highlighted a few key dates for us last night.

In August, training for popcorn sales will be held at the district level, so we will be responsible for training our units.

On September 1, 2015, Scouts will begin taking written orders for popcorn. This includes door-to-door Read the rest of this entry »

BSA acquires Scoutbook. What’s that?

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On April 9, 2015, BSA announced that it has acquired Scoutbook.com. What is Scoutbook.com?

Many troops and packs use TroopMaster and PackMaster to track rank advancement. Scoutbook.com is a web-only competitor.

From a district perspective, one of the advantages of Scoutbook.com is that it makes merit badge counseling across the district easier. Easier for Scouts, Scoutmasters, Counselors, and Parents.

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Spring Camporee 2015

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 North Star is holding its 2015 Spring Camporee at Camp Cullom6815 West County Road 200 North, Frankfort, Indiana  46041, from 6pm Friday, April 24th to Sunday, April 26th.

For more information contact Stu Bowes.

Map Camp Cullom

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Summer camp swim pre-tests

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On Sunday, April 26, 2015 and again on Saturday, May 2, 2015, the council is offering swim tests for summer camp.many boys look forward to being able to swim at summer camp. It is an opportunity to cool off and play with friends.

Many a Boy Scout who has not spent much time swimming in brown lake water has some fears when he goes to do his swim test on the Sunday of arrival. In fact, there are many stories about competitive swimmers who will not pass the swim test because of these fears.

These pre-tests are a great opportunity for the boys to have their swim test completed before arriving at summer camp. This allows them to adapt to the lake water on their own time and schedule. It increases the likelihood that they will get Joy went out of their swimming opportunities.

For more information, please visit the events page of this blog.

District Pinewood Derby Held

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  On Saturday, April 18th, District Committee Member Fred Steinhoff with the able assistance of Troop 35 Assistant scoutmaster and regular district volunteer Rick Akers hosted the North Star District Pinewood Derby. 

our district winners

 Thank you to our annual host American Legion Post #3 and its commander for the hospitality.


Nominating Committee seeks volunteers from each unit

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The District Nominating Committee seeks volunteers from each unit. BSA bylaws envision a district configuration requiring 60 volunteers. In districts with 60 chartered organization, this is not difficult. Unfortunately, in the district’s current situation, we are down to 24 chartered organizations and 32 active units. This means that on average the district needs 3 volunteers per unit for district operations.

Contact interim Nominating Committee Chair Jeff Heck to provide volunteers.